Renton, WA

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Main Convergence Point

Over 100K Employees in the Area


Lot Size

10.54 Acres


Strong Tenant

Popular International Golf Brand

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  • Puget Sound Trophy NNN Asset: Generational asset in the heart of Renton. The only Topgolf location in Washington.
  • International Corporate Guarantee: Fully guaranteed lease by Topgolf International, Inc. This is one only a few locations in the system with an international corporate lease guarantee.
  • High-Profile Publicly Traded Tenant: Publicly traded company (NYSE: MODG) with B+ credit rating (S&P). Acquired by Callaway in 2020.
  • No Income Tax State: Washington State has no state income tax.
  • Cost Segregation / Depreciation Opportunity: Conservative estimates well north of $10M of deference in the first 5 years.
  • Pride of Ownership: Renton is the newest, largest format Topgolf in the system and one of the region's largest corporate venues available.
  • Dynamic, High-Barrier-to-Entry Location: Renton is one of the fastest-growing areas in the region with thousands of residential units in the pipeline. 

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Sean Tufts

Managing Director, Investment Sales      206.693.3352
WA #74057

Kevin Adatto

Managing Director, Investment Sales      503.675.7726
WA #21038208

Joe Dugoni

Associate, Investment Sales      206.693.3329
WA #21001346

Patrick O'Malley

Vice President, Debt & Equity      303.225.2126

Michael Salzman

Senior Vice President, Debt & Equity      303.225.2111


130 Nickerson St, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98109