Fresenius Portfolio of 10


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Cap Rate




NN Lease Structure


Top Tier Locations

Strong Demographics


Base Lease Term

10 Years


Rent Growth

Annual Increases


Total Square Feet

76,407 SF


Strong Tenant


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  • Geographic Diversification – Unprecedented access to a geographic mix of strong markets with a single credit and user profile 
  • Top Tier Locations – Average five-mile radius includes a population of 111,847 earning an average household income of $84,048.
  • No Early Termination or Kick-Out Clause – All leases are free from early termination options or early kick-out clauses during the initial and any exercised option terms
  • Leading Operator | Fresenius, 4,116 Clinics, 344,000 Patients
  • Investment-Grade Credit | Fresenius, $19.55B revenue, S&P: BBB-
  • Growing Industry | 562,000 ESRD Patients


  • Insulated from Macroeconomic Changes | +/-90% of Fresenius' Patients Covered Under Government Program
  • Long-Term Leases – All leases in the Portfolio have more than ten (10) years of initial lease term remaining with three (3), five (5) year renewal options. 
  • Passive Expense Structure – Minimal responsibilities for repair, replacement or maintenance of roof, structure, and HVAC in excess of $3,500 annually. 
  • Rent Growth – All leases provides for annual rental increases throughout the initial and option terms in an amount tied to an index (CPI). 
  • Below Replacement Cost – Each lease was originally a sale-leaseback, rent was not set as a function of building cost and as such each rent and price per square foot are well below replacement cost and prevailing market rates in each market. 

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